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La Fraîcheur

The Grand Cru model has an outside diameter of 13.6 cm, an inside diameter of 11 cm and is 22 cm high. The cooler can accommodate most wine and champagne bottles (even some magnums) and also keeps all other bottles chilled and their contents refreshing.

The Grand Slam model is compact and slender with an outside diameter of 10.7 cm, an inside diameter of 10.3 cm and is 30.5 cm high. The Grand Slam can accommodate the tall, slender ‘flûte d’Alsace’ wine bottle, but of course also keeps other bottles with a diameter of 10 cm refreshingly cold and dry.

The excellent thermal conductivity of aluminium keeps a pre-chilled bottle at the desired cool temperature for 2 hours or more when using ice cubes under normal circumstances. And when using our special “cool-puck”, all Grand Cru coolers from La Fraîcheur remain cold for up to 4 hours.

The Cool-Puck was designed by La Fraîcheur specifically for the Grand Cru model. It is a reusable, round ice pack that, after freezing, fits snugly into the ice chamber.

La Fraîcheur coolers are available in the following colours: Silver, gold, matte black, bronze, copper and matte navy!

Apart from the excellent performance of the La Fraîcheur coolers, our product is also “easy on the eyes”... a real eyecatcher and an asset to every table or buffet, adding to every ambiance, indoors or outdoors, at home or on holiday. The coolers are multifunctional because, in addition to wine and champagne, bottles of spirits and water can be kept cold in them.

How to use

Remove the perforated plate through the window on the cooler’s front. Fill the cooler’s ice chamber with ice cubes up to the top edge. Place the plate back and put the pre-chilled bottle inside the cooler. Due to the excellent thermal conductivity of the aluminium, the cooler interior is cold very quickly. This will keep the bottle at the right temperature for 2 hours and the bottle will remain dry.

Personalising the coolers

Personalising La Fraîcheur coolers?... yes you can!
Using our laser equipment, we can apply a text, logo or name according to your own design.
Send an email to info@lafraicheur.com and ask about the possibilities for customising a cooler or contact us via chat.


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