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About us

Welcome to La Fraîcheur®, the specialist in wine coolers and wine accessories that has been a household name worldwide for over 25 years. Our drive is to bring the pleasure, convenience and quality of a delicious glass of champagne or wine to drinking and presentation in its best way. La Fraîcheur stands for high quality and top service. Therefore, we are always ready to answer any questions.

With the professional team of La Fraîcheur we are constantly optimizing our products and service. Because of this, La Fraîcheur is working hard to implement our exclusive member experience strategy. With this strategy La Fraîcheur will focus on products, service and branding for your company on a top international level. By focusing on the exclusive member experience, La Fraîcheur will better meet the current needs of our customers.

Every day at La Fraîcheur we put our shoulders to the wheel for all orders, we are constantly available for our customers and we prepare all shipments. Thanks to our many years of experience, the entire process runs like a smooth machine, from order to delivery. Usually you will receive your product(s) the very next day.

In terms of the range of different products and branding, we want to be distinctive and innovative. The signature is in the middle, higher and luxury segment. We invest in premium service, in line with our ambition to serve customers at the international top level.


1996 in Amersfoort


  • Headquarters in Beesd
  • Production in Austria
  • Distribution in Beesd .
  • Webshop Netherlands (2021)


La Fraîcheur has been a strong brand for over 25 years. Our members, expressions, assortment and team carry out the identity of La Fraîcheur together. Summarized in seven brand values La Fraîcheur is.
  • Customer focused
  • Inspiring
  • Stylish
  • Unique
  • Innovative
  • Exclusively
  • Luxurious
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